How It’s Made

Our vegan cheese is made with the finest quality organic cashews from fair-trade farms in Brazil, Honduras and El Salvador. To maintain our cruelty-free standards, we source our fair-trade coconut oil from the Philippines where animal labor isn’t used.

We don’t use thickening agents such as agar agar or tapioca, and our products are gluten- and soy-free. Whenever possible, we also partner with local farms and collectives to source ingredients and support community-based businesses.

We begin with a warm fermentation process with no additives, inoculating cashews with bacterial culture. We mix in herbs and homemade flavors fine-tuned by our own taste buds, and the cheese is aged naturally for up to 30 days. Finally, our artisanal wheels and spreads are packaged and ready to be sold to cheese lovers.

Quality and freshness are the foundation of Cultured Kindness. That’s why we’re proud to be licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, which inspects our commercial kitchen and products annually.

About Justin

A vegetarian by age 14, Justin became vegan after learning about the environmental effects and ethical demands of animal products. Seeking the best vegan cheese in the PNW, Justin was unsatisfied with the options at his local grocery stores and turned to his own kitchen. Hours of research and experimentation paid off: He finally concocted a recipe for creamy, delicious, and fresh vegan cheese that rivaled even the best-tasting milk-based products. 

Encouraged by friends and family, Justin shared his “faux fromage” at every opportunity. The resounding response: When are you bringing us more, and where we buy this? Cultured Kindness was born!  

These days, Justin oversees the cheesemaking process with a small team of skilled and passionate cheesemakers.

About Mike

Husband and co-owner Mike assists in production as well as handles day-to-day business operations. He also responsible for cheesecake development and helps come up with dishes that can be found at the Cultured Kindness Vegan Cheese Shop.